From USB heated slippers to warm mouse, here are 10 gadgets to keep you warm this winter

Be smart and beat the winters with these cool and clever gadgets

Winters this year made a delayed entrance. While the temperature remained considerably warm in November and December, January witnessed a sudden drop in the mercury levels. With temperature touching as low as minus three degrees Celcius in some parts of the country and predictions of a further dip, north India is expected to witness a  rather harsh winter this year.

Amid freezing conditions that have gripped the northern part of the country, it is important to stay warm. While some people shield themselves from cold by wrapping themselves in layers of clothing, others take a smarter route and use cool gizmos and gadgets to stay warm.

In case you too are struggling to stay warm and need some help, here are ten devices that will help you beat the winter chills:

Rumpl Puffe


Rumpl Puffe (Photo: Go Rumpl)

What is the single most important thing that keeps you warm during the winters apart from sweaters and overcoats? Blankets! But in this biting cold, getting warm even inside the blanket takes time. But with Rumpl Puffe you can bid adieu to all your winter woes. Rumple Puffe is a portable battery-powered heated blanket. Not only can this machine-washable water-proof blanket charge your smartphone but it can also double as a flashlight. Rumpl Puffe costs around $374 and can be ordered via Kickstarter.

Warm Mouse


Warm Mouse (Photo: WarmMouse)

If there is one thing that cannot be escaped even during the winters is work. And for those of us who earning our living by typing on the computer, using a mouse forms an inevitable part of our routines. So to provide some relief to our freezing fingers is a gadget called Warm Mouse, which keeps your fingers warm as you use it.

Electric coffee mug


Electric coffee mug (Photo: Amazon)

We all need a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea during the winter months.  And even though we might we might be using a hot mug, it hardly stays warm. An electric coffee mug is an easy way of reheating your coffee anytime and anywhere.

Electric kettle


Electric Kettle (Photo: Facebook)

If you happen to have a small pantry around your workspace, having a small electric kettle handy seems a good way of getting uninterrupted supplies of hot water.

Mug warmer


Mug Warmer (Photo: Amazon)

If you are in no mood of buying a kettle or an electric mug, mug warmer seems the easiest way out. Just keep your favourite coffee mug on the warmer and enjoy a steaming cup of coffee anytime!

Electric clothes warmer


Electric Cloth Warmer (Photo: Twitter)

Winter morning and hot baths don’t do well together, especially when you have to slip into an equally chilly clothes. Solution? Just warm your clothes on the cloth warmer and say goodbye to the chills.

USB heated gloves


USB heated gloves (Photo: Amazon)

What if we tell you that there’s a way to keep your hands warm all the time? Well, you can say goodbye to the chills using USB heated gloves, that connect to a charger via a USB to keep your fingers warm fuzzy.

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Electric room heaters


Electric room heater (Photo: Wikipedia)

If you are planning to give your room a cosy makeover, perhaps you can add an electric room heater to your room. Switch on this gizmo and say goodbye to the winter winds.

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Electric hot water bag


Electric hot water bag (Photo: Twitter)

This one is a multi-utility gadget that can be used even during the summers to ward off backaches etc. Just plug in the charger and let it heat.

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USB heated slippers


USB heated slippers (Photo: Twitter)

The best thing about winters is the numerous ways you can accessorise yourself. If you’re looking for an adorable way to keep your feet warm, try these USB heated slippers!