Do you think Apple's Face ID is secure? These 5 videos prove otherwise

Not just twins but even a mother-son duo was able to fool Face ID successfully

Apple iPhone X’s Face ID is not fool-proof. While the company has convinced its users that Face ID is the most advanced face recognition phone authentication system, tech insiders, hackers and even commoners have unabashedly proved the company wrong. According to Apple, there is only 1 in 1,000,000 chance that a random person can unlock your iPhone using Face ID.

However, a simple search of ‘Apple Face ID fails’ on the Internet will tell you that Apple’s claim isn’t entirely true and the Face ID is not an effective security measure. Here’s a list of videos that demonstrate that Face ID is not as secure as the company claims it to be:

1) Twins
The urge to challenge Apple’s Face ID began the moment Apple launched iPhone X. As people got hold of the device, people from across the globe started sharing their videos documenting how they beat Apple’s most advanced security system. The Internet is full of twins and triplets sharing their experience. Take a look:

2) 3D Facemask
Earlier this week, a Vietnamese security firm called Bkav shocked the world by releasing a video showing how it fooled Apple’s Face ID using a 3D-printed mask within a week of the phone’s release. The company claimed that it developed ‘Face ID-proof’ mask in just four days at a minimum cost of $150 (Rs 98,00). Take a peek at the demo:

3) Siblings
Admittedly, people were a bit harsh while judging Face ID in case of identical twins because they look alike! But when Face ID faulters in differentiating between siblings, it’s not a mistake that you let slide by. Don’t trust us? Take a peek:

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4) Mother-son duo
This was yet another shocker that we simply cannot get over. After failing to differentiate between siblings, Face ID failed to distinguish between a mother and her son. All things considered, we certainly didn’t expect this from Apple.

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5) Uncle-nephew duo
After a series of disappointing stints, you must have gotten used to Apple’s ‘Face ID fails’. And this time around, the feature failed to spot the difference between an uncle and his nephew. See this: