How Legendary RD Burman United Apple's New iPhone X With Bollywood

The track 'Meri Nazar Hai Tujh Pe' featured in the 1980 movie The Burning Train

What is the one common thing between Apple’s iPhone X and Bollywood? Well, the answer is simple– RD Burman!

Yes, you heard it right, the connection between the two industries indeed is that of the legendary music director Rahul Dev Burman who was lovingly called Pancham Da by his friends and family.

In case you are confused about this bizarre ‘Kismat Konnection’, here’s what happened.

Apple recently released a new advertisement for iPhone X’s Face ID unlock feature. While the offbeat visuals of the ad are a sight for the sore eyes, music in the ad features strings from RD Burman’s song Meri Nazar Hai Tujh Pe from the 1980 film The Burning Train.

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Netizens quickly identified the uncredited song and soon they started bombasting Pete Cannon, the composer who scored the track for the new iPhone X ad titled ‘Bang Bang’. Check out some of the tweets here:

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As the tweets started flooding in, Cannon issued a clarification explaining how the track had been licensed via Blurred Recs courtesy of Saregama. Check out his tweet here:

In case you missed the beautiful composition by Pancham Da, check out the song here: