Man rides a horse to collect his iphone X; 5 bizarre things people have done to get Apple devices

Mahesh Pallival took things to a whole new level when he went to get his pre-ordered iPhone on a horse- here are other crazy things people have done for iphones!

The iPhone mania is back and how! The most anticipated smartphone of the year, the iPhone X, recently launched in India and obviously, madness ensued!

A Mumbai-citizen named Mahesh Pallival took things to a whole new level. To get his pre-ordered iPhone X, the ecstatic young man came in riding a horse with the whole band-baaja-baraat thingy at Thane’s Hariniwas circle. If that wasn’t sassy enough, he received his iPhone X whilst sitting on his horse!

Mr Pallival certainly reminds us of all the crazy things people have done for iPhones, check them out:

*Insert generic iPhone-kidney joke here*

A Chinese schoolboy sold his kidney for 22000 yuan so that he could have enough funds to buy an iPhone. Damn, someone took the memes pretty seriously.

Love me baby:

A chinese woman made 20 boyfriends just so that she could make em buy iPhones for her. And then the lady bought a house after selling the iPhone 7s her boyfriends had given her!

Don’t mind the weather:

Apple fanboys celebrate an iPhone launch like a festival and clearly nothing can stop them. Last year, fanboys stood outside Apple’s Covent Garden store in London inspite of freezing cold and rains just to be among the first ones to buy the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus!

What’s in a name?

A Ukrainian chap called Olexander Turin changed his name to iPhone Sim just to get a new iPhone 7. When a store in Ukraine offered to give free iPhones to people who change their names to iPhone, he gladly did so and plans to keep it till he becomes a father!

Saat Samundar paar

David Rahimi and Jasmine Juan ordered an iPhone 6 online last year and took a 14 hour flight to Australia just to be the first ones to get the phone. Talk about true love!

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