After Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi is the new victim of hacking. Here's how

A 22-year old hacker broke into Narendra Modi's app. Here's why he did it.

Indian politicians are in deep trouble and this time around it’s the internet that is giving them nightmares.

If you’re wondering how then picture this.

The Twitter account of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi was hacked on November 30, 2016. A day later, it was Congress’ official Twitter handle that was taken over by an anonymous hacker who claimed to have no political affiliations. The dust around this incident had just begun to settle when another hacking incident was reported. And this time, a hacker launched an attack on the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi by hacking the Narendra Modi app. (That’s right!)

Apparently, a 22-year-old hacker from Mumbai, Javed Khatri, claimed to have hacked the Narendra Modi app. Khatri told Your Story, that he had successfully managed to extract the personal phone numbers and email ids of ministers like Smriti Irani from the app. He told the English daily that his intention of hacking the app was not to cause any damage but to draw the attention to security loopholes that are existing in the app.

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He further added that it took him nearly 15 – 20 minutes to hack the app.

He even demonstrated the act by furnishing the personal data of Minister of State for the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, Jitendra Singh, while advising the government to take a note of the incident and coming up with a more secure authentication mechanism.

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Amid all the on-going hi-tech drama, the important thing to note is the intent of the hacker.

While the hacker who took charge of Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account posted abusive tweets from his handle, Khatri’s intent was only to point out the security loopholes so that the app can be made safer.