After Apple, Xiaomi attacks Ray-Ban with sunglasses

Xiaomi has unveiled cool sunglasses that will make you feel like you live in space

After trying in vain to compete against Apple’s all mighty Macbook Air, Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has taken the fight to Ray-Ban, the American brand that is known for its classy and funky sunglasses. Adding to its fleet of crowd funding platform, Xiaomi has unveiled smart sunglasses that not only score high on the design quotient but are also loaded with interesting features.

Xiaomi’s sunglasses are a part of the Turok Steinhardt branding and feature a borderless design. These smart sunglasses filter ultraviolet (UV) rays completely and weigh just 18 g.

If that wasn’t enough to impress you then there’s more.


Xiaomi smart sunglasses (Photo: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi’s Turok Steinhardt sunglasses are made using nylon polarising material, that is similar to the one used by the astronauts in their space masks. The material used not only shuns away the harmful UV rays but also removes glares and scattered lights reducing fatigue and giving a clearer vision to the viewer. What adds on to the allure of these smart glasses is the fact that not only is it invincible (well, almost invincible) as it can withstand extreme temperatures, but it also remains unaffected by water. In simple words, it can face the worst abuse and still maintain its grace.

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Xiaomi’s Turok Steinhardt sunglasses are open for funding on Mi home and are available for just 199 Yuan (Rs 2,000 approx). As far as the colour is concerned, the smart sunglasses are available in gun metal frame with grey, gold and blue lens colour options. The only downside is that as of now it is available in China only and it remains uncertain when the company would schedule its global launch.