Massive leaks show how Apple will bid adieu to home button in iPhone 8

Apple is likely to ditch home screen button and Touch ID in its upcoming iPhone 8 and it's weirdly exciting

When you are a star, rumours about your life are bound to go viral in the digital space. And if you as popular as Apple, you can very well expect the paparazzi to capture every single move that you make. The latest smartphone that is witnessing a breach in its private life (metaphorically) is Apple’s sweet baby iPhone 8.

Though this sweet child will take at least seven months to come out, tech insiders are going crazy about it and some have even given out some interesting deets about it.

To begin with, a rumour that the tech giant would be ditching its conventional home screen button for an integrated Touch ID fingerprint sensor just got trashed. A patent application filed by Apple suggests that the function area in iPhone 8 is likely to be powered by micro-LED sensing technology eliminating the need of having a home button or a TouchID. This technology would not only replace the bulky capacitive sensors that the company has traditionally deployed in its smartphones but also give more working area by combining the space for giving commands and the fingerprint sensors.

Another rumour about Apple’s tech savvy baby that got trashed is iPhone 8 having a bezel-less screen. Though the teeny-tiny update might seem completely insignificant, but the smartphone is likely to have extremely narrow bezels. With iPhone 8, which some said would be named iPhone X, Apple is also likely to bid adieu to its conventional LCD screen and trade it for OLED screen, which is likely to be between 5.2-inches and 5.8-inches.

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Yet another area that is going to witness a drastic make-over is the pixel density. Another report suggests that iPhone 8 is going to have the highest ever pixel density offered by Apple in any of its smartphones so far. iPhone 8 is likely to feature a pixel density of 521 PPI. Among other features, the hopes about the wireless charging technology making a debut in the smartphone remains high.

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With the kind of makeover that Apple is aiming for (or so we think) on its 10th anniversary, the company is likely to hike the price by a mark of $1,000, making it the costliest smartphone by the company ever.

Going by the trends, iPhone 8 is likely to see the light in September this year. Till then all we can do is sit tight and hope to contain our excitement!