Adobe teases new app that will change the future of selfies

A photo-editing app powered by an AI! Gosh, that's so cool

For the generation, that lives on the Internet, looking good has become a mandate. And selfies form an important part of this culture. From sharing updates about your day to day life to sharing details about the special events, clicking selfies has become a practical alternative to clicking photos using a camera. But it so happens that every now and then we end up clicking selfies that make us look somewhat disoriented (no, we’re not trying to make fun of your photography skills). Needless to say, that a bad selfie can subject us to mockery by our friends (and we don’t want that to happen!). But there isn’t much that we can do about it.

Adobe has taken a note of this problem and teased the concept of an app that will change the future of selfies.

Unlike all other apps available in market, Adobe’s new app is powered by its Adobe Sensei, which is the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform (a photo editing app with an AI– what is this Iron Man?!).

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There are many things that you can do with this app. For starters you can not only make your selfie appear as if it has been taken from a distance but also change the depth of field by focusing out the objects in the background. You can even pick a style on the Internet and apply the same to your selfie (isn’t that cool or what!).

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With its new app, Adobe wants to transform the future of mobile portrait photography.

Of course, at this point it remains uncertain when Adobe will launch this wonder app in the market or more importantly, will it launch it in the market at all.