Zomato's epic response to this lady who got the wrong cake has won Twitter over

Even Twitter users couldn't help appreciate Zomato for a comeback so delightful. Take a look.

Imagine ordering a cake from somewhere and receiving a message on the cake saying ‘No Garlic. Food must be spicy.’ You would be annoyed, right? That’s exactly what happened with Priya Iyengar, who ordered a cake from Zomato and received the cake with that message. She posted a photograph of the cake on her Twitter account. Even though Priya didn’t tag Zomato, they were quick to notice her tweet and acknowledge their mistake. Not just that, it is their response to her tweet that has won Twitter over.

Within 3 hours Priya had a new cake delivered to her by Zomato, rectifying their mistake in the sweetest possible way. They rectified it with an extremely sweet and witty message on the cake this time, taking the humour, of the entire situation, in their stride.

Priya’s initial tweet read “I ordered bday cake off Zomato.(didn’t specify message to be added) Bakers took generic instructions in my profile & ran with it, I guess.” The profile she’s talking about here is her Zomato profile, as she mentions in the tweets on the thread.


In no time, Zomato responded to Priya :

That was indeed an extremely cute gesture on the part of Zomato . Even Twitter users couldn’t help appreciate them for a comeback so delightful:


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That was surely a ‘super sweet’ response !