Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan body-shames south Indian actresses, Twitter reacts angrily

Hina begins by fat-shaming south Indian actresses and later, confuses Telugu with Tamil. And it is not okay.

Television actress Hina Khan who can currently be seen in Colors TV’s popular show Bigg Boss 11 made highly disturbing remarks about actresses working in the south Indian films. Body-shaming, racism, sexism and many other ‘isms’ are unfortunately so normal in our society that we don’t even realise when our speech gets derogatory towards the other. Hina Khan did exactly the same on the show while discussing about south Indian actresses with the fellow contestants. Hina begins by fat-shaming south Indian actresses and then later in the video, confuses Telugu with Tamil. Well, she doesn’t know the language you may argue. Sure. But then she goes on to mock the language altogether by stringing together a bunch of nonsensical words to mimic ‘Tamil’.

Sridevi Sreedhar who calls herself a ‘movie-geek’ on Twitter, shared the video-clip of Bigg Boss’ said episode, where Hina Khan can be seen discussing with fellow housemates how the directors of the ‘south’ ask heroines to put on weight because they ‘want a bulging body’.


And a few comments on the thread go on to show how deep-rooted is the problem where we don’t even think she said anything wrong in first place:

Even Hansika Motwani, now working in south Indian film industry after doing a few Bollywood movies raised objection to Hina Khan’s statement:


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As disturbing as it may sound but this sort of conversations regularly take place in our day-to-day conversations but it’s time that we reflect. Even as Hina Khan goes on to praise the south Indian movies and their Hindi remakes further in the video, it doesn’t absolve her of the fact that she actually used inappropriate language.