Why Queensland Police Service's Facebook post for a "wanted" kitten is going viral

This adorable kitten snuggling in police officer's arms is winning the internet

Kittens are adorable – even so, when they are all cuddled between a big man’s shoulder. Don’t you agree? If not, then you’ve cat to be kittin me. Okay! We’ll stop with the puns but kittens are just adorable and that shall remain a fact forever. Queensland Police Service shared a witty Facebook post pinned with two pictures of a little furry kitten wrapped around a police officer’s shoulder, and it is sure to make you mushy.

Queensland Police Service shared the post on May 24, with a punny caption: “This kitten was considering becoming a purr-amedic but was feline the paw-lice life instead. He is now wanted on multiple counts of stealing officers’ hearts. #YouHaveTheRightToRemainAdorable”

Purr-fect, isn’t it? This cutesy kitten has broken the internet in just 12 hours. The Facebook post has received 20k reactions and is adored by the netizens. Few Facebook users commented:

“How lovely. So good for a the police involved. Every station should have a pet. Police need reminders of the gentleness and innocence in the world with all the stuff they deal with everyday.”

“Love the caption!! Love the pics  Police are people too! The world sometimes forget they have feelings! 🙂 Good job guys”

“So cute love how sweet and gentle this is. Police are human they are just like us only difference is they stand up and fight to keep our world a safer place for us. Well done guys”

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