Throwback viral clip of Denzel Washington, Lady Gaga talking about the 'Laws of Attraction' will leave you stunned [ Watch]

Watch this powerful video of famous celebrities including Denzel Washington explaining the Laws of Attraction and the power of thoughts.

Denzel Washington plays a lot of roles – actor, director, producer. He’s also, as it turns out, a very wise man. Recently a video compilation of viral throwback clips posted by New Perspectives on their Facebook page has gone viral for all the right reasons. The video showcases celebrities touching on ten important topics from the power of thinking, the importance of visualisation to believing in yourself.

The quote that has garnered the most attention is this: ‘You attract what you fear..what you think’. Said in the deep baritone of Washington, the quote stays with you even as the video moves forward. The video has amassed 43M views so far and has been ushered with a gratifying response.

Denzel Washington, Lady Gaga, Laws of Attraction

Denzel Washington shares his insights on visualisation and the importance of positive thoughts ( Credit: Screengrab from New Perspectives/Facebook)

The Law of Attraction is a belief system that you attract things into your life based on your thoughts and feelings. We’ve all heard about it and maybe have experienced it at a certain point in our lives. The power of one’s thoughts is one of the most talked about topics by motivators and actors who are a living proof that how precisely the Law of Attraction works. From Denzel Washington, Jim Carrey, Lady Gaga, Ophrah Winfrey, to Richard Gere and Will Smith, the count is ever increasing.

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Denzel Washington, Lady Gaga, Laws of Attraction

Lady Gaga explaining the power of thoughts (Credit: Screengrab from New Perspectives/Facebook)

Most of their stories have been from rags to riches but they have achieved what they wished by changing their thought patterns and implementing constructive action towards their goal and the result is right before you.

Denzel Washington, Lady Gaga, Jim Carrey Laws of Attraction

Jim Carrey explaining the Law of Attraction to his fans (Credit: Screengrab from New Perspectives/Facebook)

We know the Law of Attraction is powerful yet we fiddle around with our belief system and lose inspiration to practice it.

Watch this powerful video here:


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