This Kerala priest's amazing moves go viral, as is right - Watch

Watch this Kerala priest give you some major dancing goals with his enthralling moves and dancer swag. Watch the video here

When you think of church, what comes to your mind? Discipline, rules, and silence. But the thought of a priest grooving to a peppy beat inside a church seems inconceivable? Well then, think again. Father Merton D Silva, who serves at St Ambrose Church in Kerela literally caused a major jaw-dropping scene at the church when he casually joined a bunch of millennials dancing to Christian gospel ‘Nothing My God Can Not Do’.

Father Merton D Silva is the recent addition to ‘dancing priests’ who have left people stunned with their amazing moves. This dance was a part of flash mob, and Father Silva’s moves are winning the internet. His brief dance performance is going viral and is loved and appreciated by everybody. He seems really pumped up during his dance performance and is synchronised by the youngsters.

It’s great that we witness such rare display of fun and brilliant performances by priests who are usually calm and reticent in nature.

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