Internet has a new favourite pastime: Spot the cat! We dare you to try

I like puzzles, I like cats. Ugh! - 'Spot the Cats'. This new Twitter animal trend is on the high these days. Let's see how many cats can you spot

The internet is a pretty crazy place. It hops from trends to trends, finds a new sensation every moment, resurfaces an old awkward video with pride and finds bliss in ushering love on animals. Yass! Twitterati finds extreme joy in watching cute fluffy animals who are just so adorable (I can’t even…). From doggo transformation videos to cats who look like a fluffy ball of wool, animal pictures and videos are a rave as they should be. And we unanimously demand more adorable balls and goofy heads to bamboozle us with their overloaded cuteness!

There is another animal trend that has glued the Twitterati to their screens is ‘Spot the cat’ wherein you have to find a sneaking catto amid tough spots like a bush or a pile of clothes and so on. This is seriously the best kind of puzzle ever invented!

So let’s dig in and see if you can find little purring balls in these pictures:

Did you manage to spot the cat(s)? If yes, please let us know too in the comments section below.

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