Fawad Khan plays the 'perfect' son in this viral ad that has 3 million views - Watch

Dry land for Fawad Khan fans? Fret not, this recent ad by Pakistan-based property website will give you good 4 minutes of Fawad Khan. Watch video

Sad because the dreamy-eyed Fawad Khan is no longer on screen anymore? Fret not, his new ad is here and boy, is it taking over the internet. Thanks to CBFC, most of Fawad Khan scenes were cut from his much awaited Bollywood venture with Karan Johar in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil alongside Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma. And since then, it was a dry land for Fawad’s fans who were disappointed by his return to Pakistan.

As it turns out, Fawad Khan will not be making a comeback in Bollywood anytime soon, but that does not stop his fans from seeing him any less. His new ad for Zameen.com, a Pakistan-based property website is going massively viral in India too.

Fawad Khan

Credits: Screengrab from Facebook/Zameen.com

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Fawad is seen portraying the role of an ‘adarsh beta’ who saves up his earnings to buy an estate for his family. Filled with pathos, Fawad takes it to another level and nails it his role of a working professional in a foreign country, so caught up in work that he hasn’t visited his parents for 5 years.

The video is quite heartwarming and will definitely leave you with a broad smile.

Also, for all the devoted fans, Zameen.com ad gives you full 4 minutes of Fawad Khan. Thank us later!

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