This Cancer survivor took only 15 tweets to remind us how beautifully diverse India is

When the nation is busy in bustling with rage on issues, It took this woman only 15 tweets to win the internet and spread the love. Read on!

Twitter is a revolutionary platform in its own rights. It is known for rolling out its best trolls, digs and goof-ups and slaying their trend game like a boss.While most of the time, it will leave you ROFLing at quirky trolls, but it is also known for winning hearts with stirring messages and tales of people who will move you beyond your own mindfulness. And that exactly what Aruna PK’s warming Twitter thread did.

Aruna, who is an elderly cancer survivor, wrote a series of tweets on why she likes people of different regions of India. Although, she wrote simple one-liners of every person belonging to a different state, the magnitude of emotions and love behind those lines took over netizens as they couldn’t stop ushering their love for her.

When usually Twitterati are busy in bustling with rage on issues, It took Aruna only 15 tweets to win the internet and spread the love. She goes on to write about her favourite things about Haryanvis, Biharis, Assamis, Rajasthanis and so on.

Let’s see what she has to say about different states:

On Maharashtrians:

On Bengalis:

On Punjabis:

On Gujaratis:

On Rajasthanis:

On Haryanvis:

On Assamis:

On Telegu:

On Kannadigas:

On Tamilians:

On Malayalees:

On Himachali people:

On UPites:

On Biharis:

And in conclusion:

But of course, there was one who couldn’t deal with why his Union Territory wasn’t included. Can you guess who it can possibly be?

*drum rolls*

A Delhite

Very respectfully he posed his question and asked, “and what about Delhites ma’am ?????? 🙂 :)”, to which Aruna gave an amazing reply:

To all those stifling on boundary issues, let’s learn a thing or two about loving diversity, shall we?


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