This ad about teenage love will definitely 'break some hearts' - Watch

The only hearts you should be breaking...

For most people, their first crush happens to be school and for most of those people, it always ends in heartbreak. But still, that phase when you getting teased by friends, the blushing as you awkwardly pass by your crush in the hall, and the thrill of secretly harbouring a one-sided affection, is one of the best phases of your childhood. Irrespective of how it ends, you always remember those moments blissfully.

A new advertisement by Britannia Little Hearts perfectly seems to capture that essence of young love. In the video a boy impatiently sits inside a bus, peeking outside the window, waiting for someone. And then, she boards the bus. The moment the boy sets his eyes on his crush, his eyes light up and he begins to make space for her on his seat so she could sit next to him. But then, something happens that breaks his heart.

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Wanna know what happens next? Here is the heartwarming video:

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The advertisement has gotten so popular on Facebook, it has received over 1.4 million views and nearly 3,500 shares. The video and the actors so beautifully managed to capture the emotion that it gave people some real feels. “I was expecting something really better in the end. This guy is so handsome. I’m dying single I know, like him. Lol. No lol,” wrote one Facebook user. “It’s a heartbreaking performance from a little boy.” stated another.

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