People recreate Beyonce's baby photoshoot, the results will leave you in splits

People recreate the epic maternity photo shoot of Beyonce with her twins, and believe us, they are nothing but hilarious.

The internet broke as Beyonce welcomed Rumi and Sir Carter and recently posted a flawless picture of her baby photoshoot with the twins. It’s no secret that Queen Bey’s previous maternity picture, where she is seen channelling her inner bohemian goddess, had set Instagram on fire and went on to become the most liked picture of 2017 with more than 11 million likes. The internet cannot be overjoyed with the news and is patiently waiting for the new picture, which has already amassed more than 9M likes, to break her previous records.

But are all maternity photo shoots this perfect and flawless as Beyonce’s? These parents tried and tested and the results are a hilarious. These pictures are a validation that the online world is way different than the real life and especially if you are a parent, learn to live with an unmanageable mess.

It all started with Sharon Kellaway, an Irish mother, who decided to do a parody on Beyonce’s glamorous picture. Her picture, trying to pose while managing the kids, being extremely goofy went viral and as you know, the internet loves recreational pictures, so thus began the new trend.

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Mama-to-be Beyonce proves she’s THE badass Queen we deserve

Sharon posted the picture on Facebook with a caption, “The likeness is uncanny …..”

Soon the picture went viral with 1.5k likes and 784 shares. Soon, others too joined in:

Why should only we have maternity photoshoots? #HelloPaternityShoots

The real motherhood:


Hilarious, isn’t it? We so wish Beyonce see these parody versions.