IIT Delhi student finds dead mouse in the hostel food

IIT Delhi is said to be one of the most prestigious institutes of India but a recent viral post revealed the quality of food served at their hostel mess.

Students at IIT Delhi, which is one ‘the’ most prestigious educational institutions in India were in for a disgustingly rude discovery at the mess. At breakfast, the students found a dead mouse in the nariyal chutney they were served.

In a recent Facebook post, Jashan Suri, a student of IIT Delhi, detailed an incident from the institute’s hostel mess. “So in the temple of technology, IIT DELHI, where students yearn for years to come, where professors incessantly keep blaring about the importance of studying and how they strive to provide us the best environment, today, in one of the hostels, a dead mouse was found in the chutney,” Suri writes.

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Exposing the negligent behaviour from the authorities, the student questioned the falsehood of the institute’s eminence. The student also drew attention to the health concerns and how such laxity can invite several diseases. “We live in fear of not only the surmounting academic pressure but also in fear of food poisoning, dengue, cholera dysentery and all the worst of diseases,” Suri added.

Here is the full Facebook post:

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The incident has already sparked an outrage on social media. Suri’s post has been shared over 500 times on Facebook. While most people joked about the occurrence, others were largely concerned if big institutions can really be trusted to maintain a certain grade when it comes to hygiene standards.

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