He was charged for a cancelled cab ride; a social media post later, this happened

Next time you book a cab, pray that your ride gets cancelled and hope you are as lucky as this guy. Find out what he did. Read on.

Have you ever received a samosa after a cab driver cancelled your cab ride? No, right. Try Abhishek Asthana’s trick next time and even if your driver refuses to come and pick you up, rest assured, samosas will surely reach your doorstep. Confused, what we’re talking about? So, here’s what happened exactly. Like most of us generally do, Abhishek Asthana (AKA @gabbbarsingh) also booked a cab but like some cab drivers generally do, the driver denied the ride and cancelled it. But even though their driver refused to do his duty, Ola charged Abhishek a cancellation fee. The general norm is that you drop a complaint and get your money back but Abhishek chose a different path and got..  free samosas.

After he was wrongly charged the cancellation fee, Abhishek simply wrote a witty tweet, which read, ” Yesterday, Ola charged cancellation fee even when the Driver denied duty, it’s like u ask “Samosa hai?” Shopkeeper says “No” & takes 10 Rs.”

Ola immediately took a note of this and quickly responded with not just a refund, but also actual samosas.


As Abhishek mentions in one of his tweets, the company people called him to take down his address and this is what happened next:

Meanwhile, Twitter was busy making other jokes and also, trying to help Abhishek with their solutions:

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Who would have thought you can get samosas and refund both, for a cancelled ride !