Going viral: Young fan sobs after India loses Champions Trophy finals [Watch]

A video of this little boy crying at India's defeat during ICC Champions Trophy Finals will break your heart.

India’s defeat against Pakistan during the ICC Champions Trophy finals came as a big bummer for Indians fans. In a country where cricket is widely celebrated and cricketers are hailed as gods, this defeat, from arch-rivals Pakistan, was a big blow for India. This video of a young boy breaking into tears after India’s defeat will make you realise how just how intense Indians are about cricket. It will always leave you feeling poor for the little bud who is recklessly crying and cursing the team.

In the video which is going viral after many media houses shared it, you can see the boy, named Adi, breaking into tears as soon as India loses the wicket of Hardik Pandya, who apparently was the last ray of hope for Indian victory. He is seen venting against Ravinder Jadeja after Hardik got run out, while his younger brother consoles him saying, “Jab Hardik Pandya Virat ko batayega na tab Virat usko thappad marke team se nikal dega” (When Hardik Pandya will tell Virat (Captain), then Virat will slap Jadeja and throw him out of the team).

The kid basically summarises how all of us feel about that infamous run out. What were you thinking Jadeja?

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