Dogs wore glitter masks and regal tuxedos, for a 'Bark Ball' [Photos]

The photos of 30th black-tie gala Bark Ball is here. Check out these little regal pups making no fashion faux pas at the event.

As the rage of Met Gala subsides, another annual fundraiser Bark Ball is here with its illustrious invitees and their adorable floofs to create waves around the globe. No fashion disasters were made on June 17, when the movers and shakers of DC brought their four-legged dates with just the right degree of pomp at Bark Ball, the 30th Annual black-tie gala at Washington Hilton.

Organised by Humane Rescue Alliance, Bark Ball is an annual fundraiser where all the esteemed residents of Washington are invited along with their pooches to party at the grand event and in turn, raise funds for the organisation. The guest list included some highly esteemed guests from media, sports, politics and entertainment world to grace the event and help the fundraising which operates animal care, pet adoptions, rescue centres for animals.

The grand occasion saw the floofs giving the major dressing goals with their adorable dresses. From blingy bow-ties, regal tuxedos, too flowery flocks, dogs at Bark Ball raised the bar of doggo dressing game. The evening was all about wining and dining with special dog food and surprises for the precious pups. And it all paid off as reportedly $700,00 was raised by the end of the night.

We cannot keep calm now that the pictures are here. Look that those adorable guests:

Two best-dressed folks:

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What an adorable princess:

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Oh that glitter:

Little gentleman:

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Family date:

Oh those eyes..I Can’t even:

Hello boys:

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Regal friends:

The caption says, “My date at the Bark Ball was a real bitch”

Family goals:


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I can’t decide who is better looking:

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