This woman made her makeup with food and it's both weird and amazing [Watch]

Do you have to get ready for an event but have no makeup kit around? No worries! Watch this video and learn how to use food to make your own makeup

Food and makeup is a weird combination but somehow, Ms Yeah, a viral sensation, made it work. From the past few years, we have seen a rage amidst social media bloggers to ditch Sephora and use kitchen products as on their faces to look pretty. From using hard eggs as beauty blenders to mixing cocoa and rice powder as a foundation, make-up bloggers have gone at lengths to experiment and innovate with their make-up. And the result so far has been a big YAY!

But Chinese blogger Ms Yeah  levelled up the make-up game when she does a full make-up routine for super web celebrity event with products available in her kitchen. She released her food makeup tutorial on YouTube on June 18, which instantly went viral with 103k views.

In the video, Ms Yeah, who is commonly known for being the ‘Office Chef’, gets a festival invite from a colleague. Now, what would you do if you are stuck in the office without your make-up kit and have to leave in an hour? An ordinary person would rush home. But Ms Yeah is anything but that. She collected all food from her co-workers and made her own makeup.

From tomato sauce, rice flour, dragon fruit or even Skittles, anything can help you to keep your make-up game on point. So here’s what Ms Yeah uses:

Marshmellow = beauty blender

Foundation = rice flour + cocoa powder +water + and sesame oil

Eyebrow = cocoa grounds

Eyeshadow palette = melted Skittles + coffee  *mind blown*

Lipstick = tomato sauce + arbutus

Eyeliner = ball point pen

Eyelash = hair strand of a co-worker (You have got to see this one)

Ear-rings = Oreo cookies on a wire

And there, just like a skilled alchemist, the woman turns herself into flawless. Look at her transformation:

Ms Yeah, Food Makeup tutorial

Screengrab from YouTube/Ms Yeah



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