After the 'achaari' flavour debacle, Manforce comes up with ginger-honey condoms. Seriously!

Gale me khich-khich?

You know how every time you’d have a sore throat during the winter, your mom would bring you a nice, steamy cup of chai, spiced with ginger, cardamom, clove, honey and whatnot? Well, apparently, Manforce is trying to relieve your mother of some of that affectionate concern as it unveils its newest flavoured condoms — the ginger and honey condoms. (Legit sounds like something Patanjali would do, but whatever!)

And you thought Manforce was done with its antics after releasing those ‘achaari‘ condoms… Pfft!

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First of all, we have so many questions… Are these condoms winter exclusive? Would the TV advertisement look like one of those “Taza ho le” or “Kich-kich dur karo” ads? And most importantly, isme dalchini hai ki nahi?!

Taking the Indian taste-buds into consideration, Manforce introduced its adrak flavoured condoms last week to make your winters “cosier”. You know, like when you feel a little itch down your throat.

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Of course, these condoms — which are as desi as sex can probably be — also double as sexual stimulators for those with a perennial hard-on for chai (nobody is judging, man).

Following the announcement, the adrak condoms were positively welcomed by netizens who broke into a hilarious fit with hysterical jokes.

Honestly, man. What’s next, freaking biryani condoms?!

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And, so what if your toxic relationship isn’t healthy? Your condoms certainly are…

What do you think about this new form of “throat relief”? Are you willing to try it out?