Manforce launches 'Achaari' flavour condoms and Twitter could not digest it

Read the funnies Twitter reaction after Condom brand Manforce launched Achaari flavour

The condom manufacturers have successfully launched products in flavours we eat and drink–Strawberry, chocolate, coffee etc. Then they went a step further trying to make it a bit adventurous with flavours ranging from dessert to alcohol. However, One of India’s leading condom brand Manforce have come up with an unusual flavour that has created quite a buzz on internet. The company launched “achaari” flavour with the tagline on Facebook, “Presenting the very Indian, Tangy and Tantalizing, ACHAARI Flavoured Condoms. Get your lovemaking to go Desi and Sexy”.

Notedly Achhar or pickle is popular Indian preservative with every region having its own variant. It is synonymous with home cooking by a family’s mother or grandmother. However, likening it with romance was a bit unusual. So understandably, a lot of people reacted over it on social media:

This is not the first time a condom brand has introduced an unusual flavour as part of its marketing gimmick. Earlier, Durex, owned by British household goods giant Reckitt Benckiser,  “launched” baingan (eggplant) flavoured condoms and the reactions to it were pretty hilarious too. Other manufactures market garlic, bacon and scotch flavours. And Manforce already sells condoms in jasmine, coffee, hazelnut and chocolate variants.