This Star-Trek inspired collection is sci-fi lover's paradise -- See photos

A luxury fashion brand has released its Fall/Winter 2017 collection that is inspired by popular science-fiction movie Science Trek. The collection is full of red and green floral patterns. Check out pics inside

It’s not very often that you see a science nerd talking about a luxury fashion brand. But on rare occasions, it’s possible, especially when the brand in question is Gucci. But what in fashion can be so compelling that would motivate a nerd to turn to fashion? Any guess folks? Well, it’s Star Trek!

Italian fashion and luxury brand Gucci has released its Fall/Winter 2017 collection and it’s a science-fiction lover’s paradise (quite literally!). The collection is inspired by the popular science-fiction movie Star Trek and it’s full of green monsters, retro footwear, dazzling eyeglasses and shimmery suits.

Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection has been designed by Alessandro Michele and it includes elements from 50’s and 60’s sci-fi movie like ‘Lost in Space’ and ‘The Valley of Gwangi’. Filmmaker and photographer Glen Luchford captured the Gucci’s Fall 2017 collection in all it’s glory and compiled a mini-movie out of it that is painted in sepia and has a ‘vintage’ appeal. Interestingly, the movie has UFOs, vast grassland with 50’s kids, cows and even a dinosaur.

Gucci’s Fall/Winter collection is full of red sequin, mahogany green, peach and royal blue floral patterns coupled with bold and bedazzling gems and stone work. Here’s a quick glimpse of the collection:

The image shows women with hooded coats, jacquard leggings and Mary Jane pumps with crystal buckle being teleported.

Mesh leggings coupled with patterned socks and Mary Jane pump look cosy and comfortable. Did you find your winter look yet?

And these red and blue floral suits seem oddly cool. What do you think– nay or yay?

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What about this? Would you go for this tank T-shirt with resin washed denim look?

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Fall/winter collection seem to reiterate the spring/summer trends. Floral gown coupled with leather messenger bags and multi-coloured leather portfolios. Would you go for this look?

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