SpaceX launched Starman strapped to a car into space and Twitterati are flipping out

The Starman is just casually chilling in the -200°C temperature of outer space

So…in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a freaking car in space!

Elon Musk’s SpaceX just launched the car called Tesla Roadster on Falcon Heavy — the world’s highest capacity rocket, designed to carry humans into space.

Since they were testing the rocket, a mannequin, wearing a spacesuit, was strapped to the passenger’s seat. That is correct, there was a mannequin just casually chilling in -200°C temperature in outer space.

But, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could actually cruise through space in a cool Tesla car, but obviously that is still the stuff of dreams. However, just the news of a car being space was enough to send Twitterati into a frenzy!

Here are some of the choicest tweets:

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The Roadster, which was launched on February 6, is on a trans-Mars orbit and will be orbiting the Sun for billions of years to come. Though the car was supposed to be put in an orbit closer to the Sun, the boosters fired longer than they were required to. Though the rocket’s two outer cores landed successfully upon re-entry, the central core’s two out of three engines could not relight and it missed out on landing back on a platform at sea, hitting the water instead.

The next payload that Falcon Heavy will carry into space is a Saudi Arabian satellite, which will launch in a few months. Next year, SpaceX plans to take two private citizens on a week-long tour of the Moon on its Dragon 2 spacecraft.