Elon Musk is a time traveller from the future? This Twitter thread could inspire a film

SpaceX founder Elon Musk could be a time traveller from the future. Do you ever think about that? No, you only think about yourself!

Elon Musk is one of the most inspirational business magnates today. With his futuristic vision, the man has been making science-fiction real for years now. And while we cannot wait for the Mars colony that he has been talking about to prevent a mass human extinction, we really need to take a closer look at him. What if he was actually from the future? #IfDonaldTrumpIsPossibleAnythingIsPossible

So, somebody dared to point out that Elon Musk could, in fact, be from the future and all of his inventions and futuristic visions are literally from the future? It’s a long shot but, it would explain so much tho, right?

“What if Elon Musk is a time traveler from the future who is getting rich by pretending to invent future technology, but is also warning us about the future deadly killer robot wars that caused him to flee to the past in the first place.”

Er… Okay! Sounds very much like the plot of Terminator (or legit every other time travel themed sci-fi movie). But at least Musk found it funny and decided to play along. Musk quipped, “I can’t hide the truth any more.”

Dragging the charade a but further, what if he was from the planet Mars and now plans to build a colony there to return home?

Highly unlikely but at least, Twitter got a kick out of it. Apparently this alternate reality of Musk’s life would make for an exceptional sci-fi movie plot, MUCH better than The Time Machine or the Back to the Future series.

There’s an idea all ready and served on a platter for some producer to take up. This sci-fi movie waiting to be made already has people thinking it’s better than Terminator.

Wait, Game of Thrones isn’t about time travel? *shamelessly ignores Bran*

Regardless, we’ll just sit here and wait for this movie or TV series to come out. Netflix, are you listening?

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