Bored of New York, Paris? Time to shift to the 'Moon Village'

Favourite travel destination? Moon!

Travelling is refreshing and fun. It not only familiarises us with different places but also teaches us the key life lessons needed to survive in a completely unknown place. But if you are a frequent traveller, you would agree that after a point all the cities seem to be same. Factors like the fast moving pace of life, the multicultural habitation and accessibility and transportation essentially remain the same, which eventually can become boring, leaving us in a rut.

But what if we tell you that, now you have a unique chance to live in the ‘Moon Village’ (that’s right, a village far away from the hullaballoo of earth).

China National Space Administration (CNSA) and European Space Agency (ESA) are planning to build a village on the lunar surface by the 2020s that would not only serve as a base for deep space missions (like the one to Mars), but also for lunar mining and space tourism.


Rocket to Moon (Photo: YouTube/ESA)

But the ‘Moon Village’ is not going to be like any other village on the earth, which means no cattle, no farming, no town hall and no shopping at the local market. This unique village will house humans and robots that will work together to foster space research.

As of now, the International Space Station (ISS) provides shelter to the astronauts. Once ready, the Moon Village will provide an alternative location for the astronauts to stay. The village would be located on the far side of the moon and provide an ideal location for placing a radio telescope, which would be 3D printed on the lunar surface. This will help scientists to look deeper into space.


Moon Village (Photo: YouTube/ESA)

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The best part about the Moon Village is that it would not only welcome the astronauts but also the space tourists (means you can ditch the plans to travel to the exotic locations). Granted that it will take some time for the scientists to make space tourism affordable, but in the end, the journey will be worth the view!