Tripling to What the Folks: 5 Indian web series that show modern relationships as they are

When the depiction of families was way more realistic on the web than on the big screen

Millennials are hooked on to web-series. It is a cheaper and much shorter form of entertainment. It is also more relatable than the saas-bahu fare on TV. Of late more and more web series have been centered around the theme of relationships, especially those within the close knit circle of a family. Whether it is The Viral Fever’s Tripling or The Timeliners’ Aam Aadmi Family, each of these web series show a nuanced household which has believable characters. Whether it is the grandma that loves TV serials, or the strict father or that rebellious kid trying his best to get permission to visit Goa with his friends, these are people we see around ourselves on a day-to-day basis.

Here are 5 web-series that revolve around this theme:

  1. Tripling: 3 estranged siblings find their way back to each other on an unexpected road trip. This web series by TVF speaks of Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan, all 3 of whom paint a very realistic sibling bond.

    Screenshot: Tripling/ TVFPlay


  2. Aam Aadmi Family: This show by Timeliners is already back with its second season and is everything that middle-class families are made of. The typical Sharma family next-door stars a gossip-loving grandmother, a workaholic father, a sanskaari mother, and two children trying their hand at adulting.

    YouTube Screenshot: Aam Aadmi Family/ The Timeliners

  3. What the Folks: This is the journey of how modern families are breaking stereotypes and trying to communicate with each other to overcome the generation gap.

    YouTube Screenshot: What the Folks/ Dice Media


  4. Permanent Roommates (Season 2): While the first season of Permanent Roommates was known for showing a modern day relationship, the second season is all about how a family deals with a sudden marriage, an unexpected pregnancy and societal pressures.

    TVFPlay Screenshot: Permanent Roommates Season 2


  5. Bang Baaja Baaraat: Though meant to target the modern day relationship, this web series has five episodes and was basically a representation of the madness that grips in a typical shaadi-ka-ghar in India. Bonus: Ali Fazal is an absolute delight to watch a conflicted desi groom.

    YouTube Screenshot: Bang Baaja Baarat/Yashraj Films

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Which of these web-series have you missed out on?


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