Straight outta CBFC: Pahlaj Nihalani's A-rated Julie 2 causes Twitter meltdown

Pahalaj Nihalani will be distributing the upcoming adult movie Julie 2 and this has not gone down well with a lot of people.

Pahlaj Nihalani has the internet shook. Following his sacking at the chief of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), Nihalani returned to Bollywood as distributor for Julie 2- Bold, Beautiful and Blessed. Julie 2 had already made headlines following the release of its sensual teaser, featuring actress Raai Laxmi. After seeing the teaser, fans wondered if this is the same Pahlaj Nihalani who, as Censor Board chief was critical of the values of the Indian culture. The sanskari Nihalani, who was notorious for clipping the tiniest of references to S-E-X, distributing a movie featuring steamy scenes is something people are finding a bit hard to digest.

In his defense of the film, Nihalani said “Julie 2 should be given an ‘A’ certificate without any cuts. There is no vulgarity, obscenity or even a language problem.” Julie 2 is a sequel to the 2004 movie Julie, which starred actress Neha Dhupia and was also the centre of controversies. This Deepak Shivdasani movie is slated for a release on October 6, 2017.

However, as much as Nihalani would like to defend the film, his past image has really turned this into a whole new controversy. Here is how Twitter reacted to Pahlaj Nihalani distributing the release of Julie 2:

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