Quora lists 5 Indian superstitions and traditions that are way too regressive

From 'baby tossing' that happens in rural belt of Maharashtra to something as urban as hiding groom's shoes during the wedding, Quorans listed some bizarre Indian practices. Take a look.

If you start listing all the diverse traditions and cultures of India, you probably will have to spend the night awake. Most of our cultural traditions and religious rituals are rooted in history and carry meaning, but we also have numerous practices which as such are followed blindly and unquestioningly and don’t serve a purpose. There are several cultural practices which perhaps may have held importance in ancient times but have completely lost their significance today. Even though such rituals don’t make sense now, people have not stopped mindlessly carry on with most of these bizarre traditions.

Quora hosted a discussion on ‘what are some bizarre Indian cultural traditions/rituals’ and received quite a few responses. Quorans had a long list of bizarre rituals, right from ‘baby tossing’ that happens in rural belt of Maharashtra to things as modern as hiding the groom’s shoes during the wedding. While the latter is actually fun, baby tossing is indeed a ritual that is dangerous and completely regressive.

Below is the list of 5 such bizarre and weird rituals given by Quorans:

1. Marrying peepal tree

Reportedly, even Aishwarya Rai Bachchan got married to a peepal tree before she could marry Abhishek Bachchan so as to remove her manglik dosh. *Facepalm*

Pic Credit: Quora

2.  Marriage of Frogs

This apparently happens in several parts of the country to appease rain gods.

Frog Marriage

Pic Credit: Quora

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3. Rolling over leftover food 

Why do some people do this? Apparently, to cure ailments and get rid of the bad karma. This controversial practice recently came under the lens when several reports claimed that it were the Dalits who had to roll over the food leftover by Brahmins, although the defenders of the ritual claimed it wasn’t the case. Whatever be the case, it makes no sense whatsoever.

Pic Credit: Quora

4. Walking on Fire

This disturbing ritual is still carried out by many devotees in India. According to a Quora user, “it is usually performed either as a prayer for something to be fulfilled or as a thank you for something that was fulfilled”. Dude, who says thank you like that?

Fire walking ritual

Pic Credit: Quora

5. Hanging Nimbu-Mirchi

To dispell evil eye, many people hang lemon and green chilli in front of their houses as well as inside their vehicles. The logic behind is inexplicable. Sorry. What’s more, these are even available online! (do a google search with nimbu mirchi hanging) *Just wow*

Pic Credit: Quora

Do you know of any Indian tradition/ritual/practice that you find illogical? Share with us in the comments section below.

Source: Quora