11 old Bollywood songs with double meanings that perfectly define vulgarity

While people only seem to blame the newer artists like Honey Singh for producing cheap songs, old Bollywood songs aren't exactly as innocent as we once thought.

As much as our elders would like to blame this younger generation and their taste in music for the emergence of artists like Honey Singh, the music from their days wasn’t as pure and pious as they would have us believe. While our parents love giving us lectures when they overhear us listening to songs like “I am a hunter” (Gangs of Wasseypur) and “Bhaag DK Bose” (Delhi Belly), old Bollywood songs were actually loaded with sexual innuendos, more so than they are today. Probably because censorship wouldn’t allow them to go explicit, but there’s no keeping Bollywood away from sex, is there?

Here are 12 such old Bollywood songs that might seem innocently confusing on the surface, but now that we have grown up, we know they are talking about S-E-X.

1. Din Mein Leti Hai – Amanaat (1994)

The title of the song is pretty much obvious but the lyrics continue to get worse. “Chhat pe leti hai, kamre me leti hai/ Bistar me leti hai, khule aam/ Let ke leti hai, baith ke leti hai.” Gross! But then they save it with the next line that goes, “Kya bura hai uska nam leti hai, kiska? Apne sajan ka apne balam ka.” The video is actually even more disgusting with women in dog’s poses and the salacious vocals.

2. Hum To Tambu Mein Bambu – Mard (1985)

You probably didn’t expect one of Amitabh Bachchan’s songs to be on the list, but here we are! In the video, Big B sings, “Hum toh tambu me. Tambu bambu me. Hum toh tambu me bambu lagaye baithe” as he grips a pole between his legs. After several ‘haiyya‘s, the lyrics go, “Maine zor lagaya, haath se bhi dabaya. Par dil ki mite na chubhan.

3. Main Maal Gaadi – Andaz (1994)

Perhaps the most disgusting one on the list, the song opens with a shot of Juhi Chawla moaning in bed with Anil Kapoor on top of her. Pointing to herself, she sings, “Ye maal gaadi tu dhakka laga.” Following about a million obvious pelvic thrusts, the song goes: Waqt hai kam aur lamba safar hai. Tu raftaar badha de. Manzil par hume pahucha de..

4. Gutur Gutur – Dalaal (1993)

While Mithun Chakraborty lies comfortably on top of Ayesha Jhulka on a stack of hay, women in the background sing, “Chadh gaya upar rey, atariya peh lotan kabutar re.” “Kabutar”… Sure…

5. Sarkaye Lo Khatiya – Raja Babu (1994)

Sarakaye loo khatiya jaada lage, jaade mein balama pyaara lage.
Govinda and Karisma might have made the vulgar choreography suitable but objectively, this was not a song you could watch with your parents sitting next to you.

6. Turu Ru Turu Ru – Elaan (1994)

Akshay Kumar grazing Madhoo’s body and singing, “Turu ru turu ru turu ru turu, kahan se karu mai pyaar shuru“? Kids! It’s time for bed!

7. Rat Song – Yaar Gaddar (1994)

Saif Ali Khan holding a white rat in his hand and singing, “Mai laya hu chuha apna. Kaha hai teri chuhi?“… As if an actual rat can mask what you’re really trying to say there. Also, the chorus of this song is basically just “ui ui ui” so that doesn’t help either.

8. Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai – Khalnayak (1993)

You have got to be familiar with this song unless you’ve been living under a rock for decades. With Madhuri Dixit’s thumping chest as Ila Arun provides the vocals, “Choli ke peecha kya hai? Chunri ke neeche kya hai?

9. Teri Le Loon – Tere Mere Beech Mein (1984)

With lyrics like Khol ke mujhko dede, oh dede dede, this song crosses all bounds of indecency. As if the lyrics weren’t enough, the dance choreography is not a charm either.

10. Khada Hai Khada Hai – Andaz (1994)

Another one from Andaz, Juhi Chawla sits on Anil Kapoor’s lap in this song as he thumps his pelvis up and down singing, “Khada hai khada hai.” Still kinda surprised this was produced by Pahlaj Nihalani.

11. Daloonga Daloonga – Amanaat (1994)

Apparently, Sanjay Dutt shaking his hips while singing “Daloonga daloonga. Pyar se mai daloonga” in this cheap video is too magnetic for Heera Rajgopal to keep her hands off of him. Seriously, who approved this movie?!

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