Luv Ka The End to Haseena Parkar: 15 shades of the 'versatile' Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor's on-screen transformations may be taking a lot of effort but don't seem to be showing that great results

Shraddha Kapoor brought unto this world a whole new avatar of acting. From her not-so-famous debut in the movie Luv Ka The End, Shraddha managed to crawl up the ladder of success in no time. Kuddos girl! Daddy is really proud of you!

From playing the usual run of the mill age-appropriate roles in films like Aashiqui 2, Half Girlfriend and Ok Jaanu, Shraddha is now challenging herself with roles that require genuine transformations both of the physical and artistic variety. Whether it is Haseena Aapa in Haseena Parkar or the athletic badminton player in Saina Nehwal’s upcoming biopic Saaho, Shraddha is definitely making an effort. The petite actor has gone from playing the girl-next-door to a 45-year-old woman who has four children and is an authoritative godmother of sorts. But that isn’t the only unique thing about Shraddha’s immense talent. She is a powerhouse of expressions, the bubbly, chirpy girl who manages to pull off such oscillations between a stubborn girl in Haider to the overjoyed and enthusiastic girl in Ek Villain.

There is no denying that the singer Aashiqui 2 and Half Girlfriend, the dancer in Any Body Can Dance 2 (ABCD 2) and the basketball player in Half Girlfriend are all professions that she can pull off with ease, given her on-screen transformations manage to grab eyeballs.

Let’s break down some of her epic scenes that truly showcase her acting skills:

1.When someone says something romantic and you are just an awkward introvert

2. When she is taken by surprise [in Half-Girlfriend (L)/ in Ok Jaanu (R)]

3. When she is flabbergasted [ in Half-Girlfriend (L) / in Ek Villain (R)]

4. Dance practice or playing basketball, Shraddha breaks no sweat, just looks dewy [in ABCD2 (L) / in Half-Girlfriend (R)]

5. When she seems happy about something, but it doesn’t fit the plot at that moment, so we don’t know what that ‘Half-Smile’ is about (Ek Villain)

6. When she is about to sing… [in Half-Girlfriend (L) / in Aashiqui 2 (R)]

7. When she is furious [ in Haider (L)/ in Haseena Parkar (R)]

8. When you’re secretly a peacock [in Half Girlfriend / in Aashiqui 2/Ek Villain (left to right)]

9. When she is going through heartbreak [in Ok Jaanu (L) / in Aashiqui 2 (R)]

10. You try and try but you really can’t cry [in Haider/ in Half-Girlfriend/ in Ek Villain (left to right)]

11. Making new friends be like 

12. Deep, deep within she IS angry. We think.

13. Sacrifice? NBD, bruv

14. When you’re thinking about your feelings so that Dear Diary can capture it all.  

15. When you realise, you need not worry about emoting

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Well, at least we have proof that she is trying to choose better roles to showcase the same expressions.


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