Internet votes on films they regret spending money on, and the list will make you say YAS

When the Internet brutally assaulted Bollywood movies that were a pain to watch in the theatre

Not all Bollywood movies are value for money. Not all of them satisfy the average cinema-goer and satiate their need for entertainment. There are disappointments that leave everyone in a fix. The internet was not easy on these Bollywood movies. In a recent Quora post Which is the worst movie you paid to watch? people recounted the worst movies that they had experienced in a movie theatre. Judging by their anger on these films, theses Quora users definitely want a refund.

#1 Ahista Ahista

Why did I watch it? 2 of my girlfriends and I met after long, wanted to watch a movie and, the only movie available was THIS!

Fun Fact – Even staring at a plain white wall would have been a better option!

True Fact – Sometimes, it’s not about the movie but the people you watch it with! So, despite being the worst movie I’ve watched, it was a memorable one!

YouTube Screenshot: Ahista Ahista/ Shemaroo

#2 Half Girlfriend

I really love my money. A LOT. I am not into drugs or cigarettes. I’ve never been a spendthrift. So I decided to take a chill pill, and pay up to watch this movie. This was only because of my friends. Bad acting people. I was really on Arjun Kapoor’s side. I thought people are giving him a hard time and that he was indeed a good actor. But my conviction turned into smithereens. Arjun Kapoor has just one constipated expression throughout the film. Be it any emotion. And God those stoner eyes.

YouTube Screenshot: Half Girlfriend

#3 Dilwale

An absolute waste of 2hr 34mins of time. Movie director Rohit Shetty could indeed make a short film with the shitty script. Rohit Shetty dragged the script so that short film became a movie itself. And guess what this shitty script was compared to Hollywood’s Inception by the Varun Dhawan.

YouTube Screenshot: Dilwale

#4 Blue

I don’t really remember the movie, the story, the acting, but it was so so bad that even the small cameo acting by Katrina kaif was looking good. It was so over the top, that Zayed khan’s acting was looking Top – notch. Lastly, the movie was so pathetic, that whenever I hear the word worst movie, I immediately start bleeding blue 🙁 .

YouTube Screenshot: Blue

#5 Remo

The dialogues were what made the movie a complete turn off for me.

YouTube Screenshot: Remo

#6 Shirin Farhad ki toh nikal padi

Guess which movie I went to watch: Shirin Farhad ki to nikal padi. Yup, I watched it, that too on a recliner seat for which I had to pay 250 bucks. It was like I paid to torture myself for 2 hrs.

YouTube Screenshot: Shirin Farhad ki toh nikal padi

#7 Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Yea! its Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The movie is full of flaws and is free from logic.

YouTube Screenshot: Bajrangi Bhaijaan

#8 Nishabd

I can’t believe I watched this mess… Something innocent grows into something bigger, and something bigger grows into something beyond control… I mean what?

YouTube Screenshot: Nishabd

#9 Krrish 3

This movie is all about Krrish killing mutants ( the villians ) , defending his family and finally saving his city.

YouTube Screenshot: Krrish 3

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So what was the worst movie you paid for?



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