12 absolutely 'amazing' Bollywood movie posters you won't be able to unsee. Sorry, not sorry

If there was an award for 'Best Movie Posters', these 12 would definitely be strong contenders. These posters are so bad that they are actually good. Read on.

Promotions and publicity become vital for a movie right before its release and movie posters play a big part in this process. In 80s and 90s, when we did not have the luxury of the internet at our homes and only a few homes had television sets, movie posters were the lone saviours for a movie. But even now, in the day and age of technology, a good or a bad poster carries a lot of worth.

First impression can proves lasting and sadly we’ve had way too many close encounters with terrible posters. With distasteful graphics, in-your-face closeups, ridiculous ‘symbolism’, these movie posters have scarred our psyche in a way that is not even funny. Without going into too much detail, we would like to let you have a look and enjoy some ‘brilliant’ works of art and masterpieces. They have become an inevitable part of our pop cultural heritage and we believe you too must admire and soak in their beauty because what is better than ‘not having to use your brain’, right?

1. Phool Aur Kaante 

How many Ajay Devgns is too many Ajay Devgns?

Bad movie posters
2. Junoon 

That’s literally the entire plot of the film on the movie poster.

Bad movie posters
3. Dil Ki Baazi 

That broken heart, tho.

Bad movie posters

4. Prem 

This one’s just here ’cause Amrish Puri looks stunning.

Bad movie posters


5. Jaani Dushman – 1979

Just like the film, this poster is pure gold.

Bad movie posters

Bonus GIF:



 6. Deshdrohi

Why did they even make Matrix with Keanu Reeves? Look at that fine specimen.

Bad movie posters


 7. The Messenger of God (MSG)

There’s a helicopter, a gigantic blue-yellow-green bike (?) and burning cars – and a pot-bellied man in mismatched clothes. What could possibly go wrong.

8. Khoon Ki Pyasi Dayan 

What does she use for her teeth? Calcium tablets?

9. Tere Mere Beech Mein

Tell Rapunzel to pull her braid back. It’s literally getting in the way.

10. Purana Mandir 

What fun times looked like before hipster ruined everything.


11. Khooni Panja 

*speech bubbles*


12. Akhiri Ghulam

Wow, symbolism died a painful death.


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What were these graphic designers thinking while creating these posters? If there was an award for ‘Best Movie Posters’, these 12 would definitely be strong contenders. After all, these posters are so bad that they are actually good.

Think we missed some of them? Share in the comments section below.