Watch: Rajnikanth's daughter Aishwaryaa's Bharatnatyam performance at the UN is making people angry

Today in what-did-I-just-watch we have Aishwaryaa R Dhanush’s viral Bharatnatyam performance at the Women’s Day celebrations at the United Nations. Aishwaryaa, who is Rajinikanth’s eldest daughter, and superstar Dhanush’s spouse – is the UN’s Women’s Advocate for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in India and was at the Women’s International Forum to celebrate Women’s Day.

Her awkward performance however has caused an outrage with several saying that it is nepotism and political affiliation that has given Aishwaryaa a platform which should have gone to a better dancer.

In this video, which has 11k views and been shared 213 times and counting, shows Aishwaryaa dancing passionately. But her moves cannot even be broadly classified as Bharatnatyam.  With the Hindi film industry already reeling under Kanagana Ranaut’s nepotism comment made to filmmaker Karan Johar for, well, always hiring star kids and established names in his films, it remains to be seen whether or not a similar scandal hits the film industry down south.