Ram Gopal Varma's awkwardly timed Sania Mirza photo to promote Sunny Leone short film is proof his social media privilege has gone too far [Opinion]

Ram Gopal Varma has shared an 'inappropriate' photograph of Sania Mirza, to promote his movie, Meri Beti Sunny Leone Banna Chahti Hai.

Ram Gopal Varma’s faux Feminism has thankfully come to an end.  RGV, has for quite a while now, been one of the most controversial movie directors of Bollywood. Not only on screen, but also off it. Recently, Ram Gopal Varma released a short film Meri Beti Sunny Leone Banna Chahti Hai (MBSLBCI), inviting much dialogue thanks to his previous controversial comments about the actress whom he now suddenly seems to revere. Having previously mouthed insensitive and derogatory words about the actress in his Women’s Day tweet, RGV now felt it was okay to name a short film using the actress’s name. Click-bait much? While it can be argued that the message he’s trying to propagate through the short film is one of a woman’s right to her body, it would have been extreme optimism to hope that this was done with true goodwill. Many did raise their concern on social media after the release of the film. On May 27th, the Rangeela director quit Twitter much to (mostly) everybody’s relief.

Sadly, he resurfaced on Instagram. This time however, Ram Gopal Varma has gone too far, too often and it is time his free reign gets checked and muzzled on social media.

In his latest Instagram post, he has shared an inappropriate photograph of the Indian tennis star, Sania Mirza, to promote his movie, Meri Beti Sunny Leone Banna Chahti Hai (MBSLBCI). The photograph and the caption that goes with it screams irony. In the caption, Ram Gopal Varma says, “A girl told someone, MBSLBCI reminded her of,though she was very good at Tennis her father refused to permit her to play beyond a age because she will have to wear skirts ..The film is about exposing these regressive minds who use a girl’s sexuality against herself”.

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Using this image, out of so many available photographs of  the tennis icon on Internet, is only outrageous and unacceptable. Obviously, Ram Gopal Varma received a major backlash on Instagram with people literally abusing him for insulting such a big sporting icon and some even asking him to put his daughter’s photograph instead of Sania Mirza’s. Some Instagram users also posed rather pertinent questions, pointing a finger, not at Ram Gopal Varma but the entire society and its twisted morals. “If RGV posts a picture of Sunny Leone, do you people feel the same ? Even she is making India proud and became world famous and do you respect her like Sania Mirza?”, asked one of the Instagram users.

Ram Gopal Varma may have deleted his Twitter account, but he forgot to delete his own regressive and disgusting mentality, which clearly reeks of misogyny and sexism.

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