Ram Gopal Varma's short film ‘Meri Beti Sunny Leone Banna Chaahti Hai’ is pure clickbait!

Bad acting and the intentional click-bait aside, Ram Gopal Varma's debut short film, Meri Beti Sunny Leone Banna Chahti hai is worth a watch

There has been a sudden and sharp increase in the number of people voicing the issue of gender equity and female empowerment. While everyone seems to have their own take on feminism that is quite as sensitive as it is subjective, a lot of people are now against Ram Gopal Varma’s take on female empowerment. Weaving feminism and sexuality, RGV created a short film, his first ever, titled ‘Meri Beti Sunny Leone Banna Chaahti Hai‘. While the title itself if pretty controversial, RGV has left many fuming with rage with this new short film. Just a pleasant reminder, on Women’s Day, the film director had made a sexist remark against Leone in a tweet.

The entirety of the film takes place within the four walls of a living room as a daughter discusses her ambition to become a pornstar like Sunny Leone with her parents. Her parents are obviously taken aback by what they’re hearing as the daughter, portrayed by Naina Ganguly proceeds to reason that being a pornstar is not unlike other professions.

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Ram Gopal Varma, RGV Short Film, Sunny Leone Meri Beti SUNNY LEONE Banna Chaahti Hai

Arguing that her body is her own and she can use in whatever way she pleases, the daughter’s outlook irks her parents who, at one point, even strike their daughter. But, the daughter does not flinch. “Meri sexuality meri amanat aur meri power hain. Main usko shaan se istemal karna chahti hu,” she says.

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Deeming it a false representation of empowerment, many bashed the movie. Which brings us to the point, what is exactly wrong with the movie apart from the absurdity of the setting and the bad acting? To be very honest, it does make sense. A little out there but, still, reasonable.

Sex is taboo and no matter where you go, sex has always been a proud badge for men and considered a no-no topic for women. Women are often told to contain themselves in conservative garments and not address their sexualities. Gender parity aside, sex is just a natural act and the adult film industry, however controversial, is a profession that many select.

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The point of the movie was to highlight the importance of choice. It’s not motivating anyone to become a pornstar. It motivates you to open your minds and stop addressing sex under hushed tones. Neither is there anything wrong nor disrespectful about this profession, especially when it is as profitable as it is.

Watch Ram Gopal Verma’s full short film below:

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