Is this Priyanka Chopra's response to trolls shaming her for wearing a dress while meeting PM Modi?

Priyanka Chopra got trolled for the dress she was wearing while meeting PM Narendra Modi. Her response is this photo with her mother.

Priyanka Chopra, who is currently in Berlin for her Hollywood debut Baywatch’s promotions, is in the eye of the storm again. This time it isn’t a past alleged relationship or a controversial camisole for a magazine photoshoot that’s got some of social media’s knickers in a twist. It’s Priyanka Chopra non-sanskari legs. It all began with a chance meeting and a photo-op with PM Narendra Modi (who is in Berlin too). Yesterday photos of the Bajirao Mastani actress sitting across PM Modi in a floral full sleeved boho-like dress splashed across social media.

The image obviously became the subject of quite a few memes. But most importantly, the image became the subject of intense scrutiny and anger on behalf of some who could not deal with the blatant display of umm.. legs. Seriously, Priyanka. How could you? Hashtag no respect. Insert angry emoji for emphasis.

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Comments ranged from ‘have some respect for elders’, to ‘cover up! You’re meeting the Prime Minister of your country”. Policing a stranger’s clothes without cause must be fun. Got to put a reminder to try it some time.

Anyway, looks like Priyanka Chopra (or at least her team) keeps track of what’s going on in Twitter-verse and she clapped back with a photo of herself with her mother in Berlin. The picture, taken at a nightclub shows the Quantico actress in a denim dress with a high slit and her mother, Madhu Chopra in a skirt. A-grade diss at her trolls, if you ask us.

Captioning the picture with a sly, “Legs for days…. #itsthegenes with @madhuchopra nights out in #Berlin #beingbaywatch”, Chopra senior and junior seem to have effectively shut down the trolling of a woman’s clothes just because she is in the public eye. PeeCee’s clothes are nobody’s business, but hers and looks like her mum agrees.

Legs for days…. #itsthegenes with @madhuchopra nights out in #Berlin #beingbaywatch

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