Priyanka Chopra's chance meeting with PM Modi in Berlin is now possibly the greatest meme ever

Priyanka Chopra's photo with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin is Twitter's favourite meme today and the results are downright hilarious.

Yesterday, Priyanka Chopra was just about a few steps away from global domination and she seems to be inching closer to it every day. A meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin has left her fans shell-shocked and given the Baywatch star another reason to reign over headlines.

While Priyanka Chopra was in the capital city of Germany, Berlin, to promote her upcoming Hollywood debut, she happened to catch Modi, who is currently touring the country as part of his four-nation tour of Germany, Spain, Russia and France. Both she and PM Modi took time off of their busy schedules to have a one-on-one with each other on foreign soil.

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Priyanka Chopra and Narendra Modi

Priyanka Chopra with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin, Germany.

Priyanka shared an image of herself with the Indian Prime Minister with the caption, “Was such a lovely coincidence to be in #berlin at the same time as the Prime Minister. Thank you @narendramodi Sir for taking the time from your packed schedule to meet me this morning.” Now, the photo has gone viral with Twitterati trolling the two with captions of their own. Here are some of the most hilarious tweets shared by Twitter users:

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