How Sanju's '308 Tak Yaad Hai' Dialogue Launched A Thousand Memes

The 3-minute Sanju trailer, which was released last week, has many eyebrow-raising moments. But it doesn’t take a Chacha Chaudhury to figure out which scene has got people all excited.

You know, the scene where Anushka Sharma questions Sanjay Dutt (played by Ranbir) about how many women he’s been with, to which he replies “308 tak yaad hai, chalo aap safety ke lie 350 likh lo.” And now “308 tak yaad hai” has become internet’s favourite meme-worthy dialogue.

Needless to say, the good people of Twitter say it as a goldmine of meme opportunities. 

1. Good ol’ hostel days!

2. They didn’t leave Shahid Afridi and his retirement too

3. Much relatable, CA folks?

4. Ahem…ahem…

5. 308? Are you sure?

6. That’s it!

7. It’s time to learn

8. Guilty.

9. And still counting

10. Oops!