Watch: This is why an angry husband filled his wife's car with concrete!

A furious husband went on to take revenge by filing his wife's car with concrete. What the wife did is as bizarre as this is

Generally, in the normal world when you get angry with your partner, you yell at them, throw things at them, leave the house, throw their stuff out of the house or even throw them out of the house. But this gentleman here liked things different.

In an absolutely bizarre incident, a furious husband took revenge to another level altogether when he decided to get back his wife by filling her car with concrete. A Russian man apparently got supremely mad at his wife for changing her surname to a supermarket called “Verny” *a moment to take that in please*. What did he do?

He filled his wife’s car with concrete. Oh so sweet revenge! In the video, you can see the man calling a lorry and asking him to fill the car with cement fully till the windows. Don’t believe us? Watch:

Some of the reports suggest that the couple were going through rough time. Apparently, the supermarket had affirmed that they would give 50,000 rubbles to the person who changed their last name legally. Little did the husband know that his wife would do it. It is also believed that the wife also admitted to cheating on him which was the last straw for the husband who then decided to take revenge. Also, did we tell you that his wife was really fond of that car? No points for guessing why he chose to destroy her car of all the things.