Two-meter long Python addicted to METH, sent to rehab

It took the python close to a month to get the intoxicating drug out of its system, and only seven months later was back to normal.

A two-metre python seized by New South Wales police during a raid on a methamphetamine lab, was so addicted to drugs that it had to be checked into a prison rehabilitation facility. The snake instantly caught the attention of police when it snapped at officers and later acted aggressively towards animal handlers.

Seeing the snake’s action, the wildlife experts realised that after living inside the meth den, the python had been exposed to methamphetamine particles and had in fact become addicted to ‘ice’.

The serpent was then checked into the Corrective Services NSW Wildlife Care Centre at Windsor, south of Sydney. And according to wildlife authorities, the affect of the drugs on the serpent was clear to see when it was handed over.

“He was totally on edge, jittery, slithering and wanting to strike,” snake handler Ian Mitchell said, according to a report in the Dailymail.

The handler also mentioned that normally pythons can be a little bit snappy and that they are constrictors and not poisonous and they just lie around. However, this addicted snake was very aggressive and had very erratic behaviour.

It took the snake close to a month to get the drug out of its system, and only seven months later was back to normal. The serpent was sezied in Mid-2016

The snake was cared for by rehabilitating criminals in the John Maroney Correctional Centre, located alongside the Wildlife Centre. Notably, snakes are the pet of choice for drug dealers and bikies, who use their tanks to store drugs and weapons.