Shocking! Mumbai commuter bites pregnant woman in train

The victim has been identified as Anita Sohooni, a resident of Dahisar. According to reports, the woman is four months pregnant.

In a bizarre incident, a commuter allegedly attacked a woman in a compartment reserved for disabled people between Goregaon and Virar. The victim has been identified as Anita Sohaoni, a resident of Dahisar. According to media reports, since the woman is four months pregnant, she had got into the coach meant for disabled people.

A TOI report suggested that after the victim boarded a slow Virar local for Dahisar from Goregaon, a woman and a child also got into the same coach and started abusing the commuters.

CR and WR have permitted pregnant women to travel in coaches reserved for handicapped. The victim said that the woman was standing near the door and was blocking it. When other commuters told her to move, she got angry and she pinched them. Later, she attacked Sohoni, scratched her hand and even bit her.

People called up the helpline, but it wasn’t reachable. Commuters looked for police on the platform at each station but could not spot any. At Dahisar, Sohoni approached a cop who asked her to go to the Borivli GRP station.

She even went to the station master, however, he too refused to note any complaint. Sohoni was taken to a medical room, where she was given a first aid.

After Sohoni was able to connect to the helpline after reaching Dahisar, the cops got in touch with her and will soon register an FIR, the report suggested.

The police have now intensified drive against those blocking compartment doors and travelling illegally in disabled coaches.