Missing Prawn Biryani To Loan Hassles: Daughter's Obituary For Her Mother Is A Must-Read

RIP Sakina Turab Potia.

Normally, an obituary is a mini-biography of a deceased person and humor is the last thing you would expect. But Jumanaa Potia whose mother passed away on 25 April 2014 showed some love for her by writing an obituary on her 4th death anniversary.

The obituary published in The Times of India’s Mumbai edition newspaper starts with:

Wednesday 20-12-1939
In Heaven
Friday 25-04-2014
Four years have gone by
I live life with a deep sigh.
I miss you I miss you
But what to do, what to do.
Nobody can help me but God and God only.
I miss thee I miss thee
O mummy dearie.

The obituary wrote by this Mumbai-based woman recounts her love for food that her mother used to cook. Her obituary also has few complaints like ‘no home of her own’, hassles of taking a loan and loads of bills. The obituary for her mother says:

Cannot ever forget your prawn biryani & gosht ka tarkari
You beat hollow every caterer
Be it Ghoga, Bhol or Dilawer
Wish you had left me a home of my own,
Without any hassles of taking a loan.
Without bills & without “bhaada”
And the Godforsaken “daamarwala”
The rains are coming I sincerely regret
What if griders & columns fall on my head?
I have survived only because of some miracle.

Maybe you find the obituary weird or funny, but this is what every mother-daughter relation is about. You can read full obituary here:

Sakina Turab Potia Obit

Sakina Turab Potia Obit (Photo: Twitter)

RIP Sakina Turab Potia.