Man Roasting 'Papad' On Sand Is The Most Bizarre Thing On Internet Today

Like every year, a heat wave is searing north, central and south India and things are really, really bad. But you know what they say about finding silver linings right? Well, a man from Marudhara district of Rajasthan seems to subscribe to that very concept.  A video of the man roasting papad on hot sand may just find its way to your timeline.

Known to be the hottest region in the country, the temperature in Rajasthan is approaching 45 degrees. However, this is not the first time when anything like this has happened.

In 2016, a  Telangana woman was seen cooking eggs on the floor. In a video shared by ANI, a woman from Karimnagar (Telangana) is seen boiling and frying eggs on a stone porch. First, she beats eggs and then pours the mixture on a clean stone porch. And the eggs get perfectly fried.

Now that’s how you deal with the heat.