Twitter's Raging Over UAE Man Who Allegedly Locked Up Indian Football Fans In A Bird Cage

In a viral video, the man can be seen forcing Indian fans to support UAE instead of India

As if missed opportunities and a loss by 2-0 against UAE in AFC Asia Cup were not hard enough to bear, a video of Indian football fans being harassed has gone viral. In the video, a UAE local can be seen asking Indian fans locked up in bird cage which team they will support in the clash between UAE and India. It’s only after they agree to cheer for UAE that he unlocks the bird cage and lets them go.

According to Khaleej Times, the man has been arrested by the authorities (UAE Attorney General’s office) for harassing the Indian origin people and inciting violence via social media.

“Legal action was taken, with reports submitted to the prosecutor’s office. A warrant was issued for the man who made the video, and he was arrested and brought in for questioning,”

However, the arrested man issued a clarification by posting another video. He said:

“These men are my workers, one of whom I’ve known for 22 years. I live with my men on this farm, we eat from the same plate. I did not beat them, nor did I truly ‘lock’ them up.”

There seems to be little clarity as yet about whose version is correct. Social media has already picked sides however

Earlier India won their first match in Asia Cup 2019 beating Thailand by 4-1. The blue pilgrims need a win against Bahrain on January 14 to qualify for the knockout stages.

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