FIFA World Cup 2018: Move Over Neymar & Messi, Iceland Skipper Aron Gunnarsson Has The Best Tattoos

Iceland will be facing Argentina, Croatia and Nigeria in the league stages of FIFA World Cup 2018

With a population of approximately 3,35,000, Iceland is the smallest country to feature in FIFA World Cup 2018. The Nordic team will begin their campaign against Argentina on June 16, hoping to create ripples like they did in UEFA Euro 2016 tournament. But before the tournament kicks off, Iceland skipper Aron Gunnarsson is taking social media by storm with his tattoos.

In an interview with GrapeVine, Gunnarsson said,

“I’ve been a tattoo enthusiast for a long time, and I had already gotten a few tattoos before this one. After the European Cup Finals in France two years ago I just wanted to do something special and uniquely Icelandic. The art is based on the official Iceland crest but it is a modified version where a few of the original elements were replaced with elements that are special to me,”

“So in fact this is a deeply personal tattoo that I wear with pride. My friend and tattoo artist Gunnar Valdimarsson spent a lot of time on drawing it and once I saw the final version I was absolutely 100% that this was exactly what I wanted on my back,” he added.

During the UEFA Championship, Iceland registered a win over Austria and drew against Portugal and Hungary. They were the runner-up in their group and pulled off a major upset by knocking out England in the pre-quarterfinals during the knockout stage. Their dream run was ended by France in the quarter finals in a match that was a goal fest.

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In their debut appearance in Euro Cup, they got immense support from their fans. They came in huge numbers and cheered for them in the stadiums.