'Separate' food plates for non-veg students! IIT Bombay hostel has a new food diktat

Discrimination on the basis of food preferences?

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay has received an e-mail requesting non-vegetarian students to use ‘only the tray-type plates’ meant for ‘non-veg dishes’ in the hostel mess. The e-mail, dated January 12, was sent to the administration of hostel 11 by the mess council which consists of students.

“I am getting complaints from many students who want students who eat non-vegetarian food to use separate plates. Therefore, this is a request to all non-veg eaters, to please only use the tray type plates meant specially for non-veg dishes during dinner. Please do not use the main plates for non-veg dishes,” read the email, reports the Indian Express.

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The email sparked a controversy and many questioned the segregation based on food preferences.

There were many angry reactions on Twitter:


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However, the mess council later clarified that the e-mail was sent to enforce the ‘separate plates for non-vegetarians’ rule which was already in place.  “For years, non-vegetarian food has been served in a separate plate and we only asked students to maintain the rule. This was not meant to offend anyone,” said a student, reports the Hindustan Times.